Renewal of Praktiker’s loyalty program


The challenge

The DIY market was also affected by the economic crisis. By the beginning of 2015, only three DIY chains managed to survive, one of them was Praktiker. Even though Praktiker had a remarkable position on the European DIY map, it had to adopt the new market situation and form its marketing strategy accordingly. In 2015 midsummer, the company decided to renew its loyalty program.

Based on in-house statistics, purchases and loyalty card usage has declined, therefore there was a need to renew not just the conditions of the loyalty program but its communication strategy as well.
The first step of the renewal was to identify the main goals of the program, which are the following: activating existing customers, increase their loyalty, incite regular customers and increase sales.

The idea

The concept relies on the idea to use a generic Praktiker salesman, – Mr. Praktikus – whose attributes can be easily related to Praktiker’s general customers as well. A practical person, who besides favoring reasonable prices and wide variety of products also pays attention to quality. Representing values the regular customers can easily identify with. The main strength of the concept is that the role of Mr. Praktikus is filled by a popular Hungarian actor, Tóth Roland.

Roland has a characteristic and remarkable face and good aura. Furthermore, for more than a decade, he plays a handyman role in one of the most popular Hungarian telenovelas, which increased his credibility. One of the advantages of the concept is that it may be used long term, and carries multiple message potential.  In the first period, Mr. Praktikus was presented  as surface of the loyalty program, but later on the character can be included into as the face other parts of the communication strategy as well.



The solution

In the first period of the renewal the following activities were used:
– TV spot
– In-store POS materials
– Billboard and citylight campaign
– Offline ads

– In store / online promo spot
– Online banners
– Updated loyalty program site
– Facebook ads



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