We have more than 15 years of experiences in advertising, promotion and PR


Social media is more than a trend. It is a paradigm shift in communication. We create dynamic and relevant content, that keeps people engaged on their schedules everywhere. Digital solutions offer endless possibilities. Fast moving, evolving at warp speed, an integral part of any and all communication. Comprehensive online presence, strong brand identity adapted to the platforms.


Events can be the best opportunity to create an emotional brand experience. We tell the story of your brand, products or business through events. We know our industry inside out and make it our mission to know all the greatest venues and how to work within them. We're a super creative events agency and challenge ourselves to come up with the most unusual and exciting event venues, even designs and ideas.

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Classical ad tools with a twist. Let us help you tell your story in a way, that is clear, compelling and inspirational to your target audience. We plan 360 communication strategies, so classical ATL tools like billboard, printed and TV ads are supplemented with POS activities, promotions, full range of digital and social media solutions, PR and experimental marketing. The twist is always the element of surprise.

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Positive publicity is a great path to becoming a lovebrand. A PR campaign is a slowly unfolds, like a flower blooming. But if it is a strategy based, creative program, your flowers will be arranged into a beautiful bouquet.

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Real People Marketing = Real stories on social media platforms. Test your products, find out, what your costumer thinks, gain their confidence and gain access to their social network - With RPM you have real life brand embassadors promoting your product.

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With our up-to-date and valuable B2B solutions, we bring success to our business partners. As a B2B marketing expert, we always manage our partners’ brands with special attention and expertise to differentiate them on the market.

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