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STIHL promotes their products with Marcsi Borbás

STIHL promotes their products with Marcsi Borbás

Our long-term cooperation with STIHL has reached another big milestone, when Marcsi Borbás joined to the impressive group who represents STIHL.

Marcsi Borbás is well-known by everyone in Hungary, we could see her in shows like „Játék határok nélkül”, „Zeneszombat” or „Gasztroangyal”. She received many prestigious awards during her career, the Forbes selected her among the „Most Valuable Celebrities”, her books lead the sales lists, and hundreds of thousands of people follow her on social media platforms.

But probably not that many people know about her, that she is an expert when it comes to gardening: her website is full of useful information. It can be either lawn care, flower planting, vegetable growing or even rose propagating, she always has some helpful advices. These were more than enough reason for STIHL to choose her, because the professional credibility was one of the most important aspects. Marcsi has started the project with huge enthusiasm, and shared everything with her followers. During the cooperation new article came out on a monthly bases, videos about garden maintenance, where Marcsi uses STIHL equipments, pre-roll advertisements before her Youtube series, called „My garden”, also she took part in a promotion game. She introduced the products in concrete, real life situations, so the viewers could see the tools in use, and got some good ideas and suggestions as well. The collaboration between STIHL and Marcsi turned out to be an excellent decision, because her values absolutely fit to the brand, and she is reliable for the customers.