Praktiker instore visual identity


The challenge

Present in Hungary since 1998, Praktiker is one of the most well known brands among avid DIYers. With the vision of establishing superstores which would offer huge variety of merchandise at great prices and with trained staff, Praktiker was part of the life of those who were interested in home repairs and improvement.

By 2016 the hardware store had 19 warehouses in Hungary and time has come to open its new reference store on the  6th of October 2016. Our agency was assigned to refresh the brand visually, and also to implement the renewed identity for Praktiker’s biggest reference warehouse to date.

Our solution

Our solution was to elaborate a comprehensive system for in-store communication, which would apply throughout product categories with the use of a color icon scheme. The concept involved the renewal of ALL visual communication elements in the store, starting from the welcoming posters of the entrance to the smallest price tag with product description.

Even the scheme of price communication was rethought and visually renewed, just like the shelf-communication tools and overhead signs or the different kinds of frames & show card holders.



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