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The challenge

METRO Commercial Ltd. is one of the oldest determinative factors in Hungarian trade markets, partner of entrepeneurs and of institutions, offering products of quality and business solutions.

Their primary target group is the resellers but the number of their private consumers is also increasing.  Our company produces regularly the Metro horeca and the Metro trader editions, as well prepares periodical publications for them.

Nowadays, leaflets have a wide range of palette, post boxes are full of flyers and publications which mean a challenge both to end cosumers and to traders.  The attemps to stand out and excel, still through strict corporate identities, is never easy: permanent reformation, transparent, clear and faultless work is efficient to achieve goals.

The challenge takes shape in the numberless products to display in each edition.
For this, we need to prioritize inside of a well-built structure . Giving understandable image to a congested edition is always a great puzzle.
On the other hand, we are allowed to feel free, considering the design of the editions.  Transparency, clarity and product focus are the most important.

The solution

In case of horeca and trade editions we emphasize USP, as Metro, by publishing the edition,  guarantees to hold the diplayed prices for one month.
When redesigning the editions we highlighted that information, and we had the vision of a logic  and clear implementation.

Choosing the colors, we had the product focus in mind, and due to the muted colors in use, finally we reached destination. Transparent price communication shared the common „use of coler solution”, as the too bright colors had driven attention away from the product. We wanted to emboss the message, thus we introduced a new slogan: „For permanently favorable prices.”



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