Cell therapy campaign


The challenge

In Hungary, stem cell therapies are not commonly adopted treatments yet, therefore Krio Institute, an accredited stem cell possessing bank need not only create its own brand image but also to establish a market for its services  through educative content.

The primary target audience of the stem cell bank are the expectant mothers and their families. As stem cell possessing requires an extremely high level of trust, communication style is a key factor in its marketing strategy.


The idea

Together with Krio Institute our aim was to create a bond with expectant mothers by providing them with positive experiences. We wanted to launch platforms both online and offline where, besides receiving gifts, these expecting women could share their questions and are connected directly to experts.

By doing so, they will be able to get more information about Krio services, thus easing their conscious decisions about stem cell processing. One of the prizes was a photo shoot that aimed to find the face of the yearly campaign. Choosing a real pregnant mother-to-be from the target group made the brand even more credible.



The solution

– The realization of the campaign was built on three main pillars namely a public photo shoot, a health day and a blog all for expecting women.
– Public photo shoot in a shopping mall: after registration any pregnant mom-to-be could take part. Emese, one of the participants was voted to be the face of Krio’s 2016 campaign.

– On the organized health day we invited experts from different areas, so participants could ask question or discuss different issues with them directly. It was also tied to registration.
– Emese also got the opportunity to be the writer of the blog, where she shared her adventurous stories and difficulties while she was expecting her baby. Tools: Newsletter, banner campaign, print appearances, blog, social media communication



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