Hungarian Training Camp


The challenge

The Hungarian Stihl Timbersports team, with 20-25 persons, holds a 3-day training camp every year at the Gyarmatpuszta Foresters House. We design and we manufacture unique training T-shirts for the team every year.

The STIHL Timbersports training camp status always has been private but now we have to  prepare for a press public event in cooperation with ComLab. At the event 14 media are represented, as well as our guests to be are Peleskey Bence and Bársony Bence, photographers, faces of the fall season campaign.

The solution

We organized the open event for press, presented the work, the training and the sport desciplines of the Hungarian Stihl Timbersports team. We took photographs, snapping pictures for STIHL own platforms. Peleskey Bence was the testimonial actor of „Love Brand” 2016 campaign, he apperaed on the insider photos at STIHL Timbersports event and with STIHL tools.

We brought the press associates by bus to Gyarmatpuszta, to the training camp where this time, besides they made interviews and videos, they could try one, less hazardous sport.




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