Your city, your style promotion


The challenge

HENEKL kicks-off a year with an attractive sales promotion, for 3 months period (Jan – March), as a attractive purchase-focus promotion – for multibrands.

Aim is to generate sales and awareness for their focus products and also build brand loyalty.



The idea

Our idea was to introduce an umbrella concept that is such a general message that fits to all the brand’s identity and can easily adapt to a promo mechanism (Selling line,  main and secondary prizes).

So, with our concept umbrella message we did capitalize on the brands heritage and used to communicate this with the well-known hit: “New York – Rio – Tokyo / Your style, your city.”



The solution

BTL focus campaign, with different POS materials(differing in complexity and execution) used in trade environment – to be able to be adapted by all markets.

A unique microsite was created as brand communication surface and registration platform. Social media channels were used (the respective brand’s profiles and targeted FB ads were used to generate buzz).



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