GYERMEKJÖVŐ campaign with Nudli and Ori


The challenge

Generali insurance products are being developed on real consumer needs, offering attractive packages and tailor-made solutions. The Gyermekjövő life-insurance programme joins 3 different insurances and savings offers specially developed for life-situations of families with small children.

The campaign goal was dual:
– supporting the sales activity (+20% sales increase), by offering a guaranteed gift: a protective gear for kids
– promoting an educational message towards parents and families (also kids) that paying attention and using protective gear a lot of accidents may be avoided. The message must not carry sales inputs, only educational input.

The idea

Our solution was to introduce a „mascot” named Nudli (a little blue bunny) who also appeared in the sales campaign’s creative but in an underlined role (only as a „reminder”), but was the main character of our educational campaign together with the already well-known Generali mascot, Ori, the lion.

In this educational programme we showed their adventures in their special surroundings (Generali Tekergő microsite). With online games and educational animation cartoons we teach the kids and their parents playfully on how to prevent accidents.



The solution

It was an integrated campaign, with the 2 messages, running parallel.
Tools: unique microsite and landing page, print, online static and dynamic banners, e-dm, POS materials, social media platforms

A Generali in-house campaign was developed, with office decoration elements.
The 2 messages strengthened each other and the newly introduced mascot was our most attractive hero of the communication. A small promotion was also developed for kids to win the mascot as plush toy.



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