Every dog deserves a home

Or how a new DIY store opening became a dog-friendly CSR project?

The project

Praktiker’s 20th department store opened its doors for the public in a 3 day festival mood. Concerts, games for customers of all ages loads of prizes and balloons in quantities you would never ever imagine. Praktiker is the store for making new homes therefore it was in the center of activities. Tinkering without an aim? Not the best. Making something cozier, more comfortable and create lasting values: whether it’s it is about pro or hobby crafting the aim is definitely the same. Hence came the idea that workers and costumers of Praktiker together may create something which will please others and is connected to the Corporate Social Responsibility of Praktiker. We announced a painting project for dog houses in the spirit of making new homes.

Praktiker employees assembled the dog houses then the participants of the opening event paint decorated all of them. Colorful houses for Mázli, Pajti and Buborék and other puppies were created with huge enthusiasm. Surely – we gave beautiful and long-lasting experience for costumers. The newly-opened department store of Praktiker is located at Váci út – therefore it was a key aspect for us to support the local dog shelter. The REX foundation for homeless dogs gladly welcomed the offering – they have about 250 dogs in temporary care right now. The houses are not just colorful shelters for dogs – they increase the opportunity for adoption because the dogs are mostly adopted based on the first impression. And the most important is the “cuteness-factor”.



The communication

As the first step, the project of painting dog houses was written and announced and we also posted it on Instagram and Facebook. We displayed the decorated doggy houses in the newly-opened store so they could be seen by the costumers for a week.

We were live on Facebook when they were handed over to the REX Foundation. The CSR project reached more than 15.000 people. We published a press release as well which was visible on several online news sites.



Our results

We upped the ante by taking an event and turned it into a successful CSR project. The activity left customers with the memory of a joyful and charitable experience, creating an emotional bond to the brand. The project ensured good publicity for REX foundation which means a bigger chance for adopting dogs.

It also strengthened the image of Praktiker as a house-making partner. But most importantly thanks to our initiative the dogs sleep really well in their new homes.

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