In Bookline’s year end campaign, trendsetter characters communicate the message: Let’s read more! Zsófia Kemény,Sena Dagadu, László Szily and Róbert Winkler talk about their reading habits, why they love to read and what their favorite books are. The four young, successful creative writers introduce their favorite opus and they ask the same from the readers. Since there are hundreds of books on the bookstores shelves including many excellent ones it’s often hard to choose. In order to make the decision easier, Bookline’s campaign intended to activate readers to offer their fav books on Bookline’s promotional site to give some hints to others as well. As part of the campaign, the consumers are rewarded for their contribution: they get the chance to win valuable prizes. In addition to the weekly prize – a Koobe ebook reader – each day a lucky participant wins a 50% discount voucher.

In the image campaign connected to the promotion, the characters tell about their favorite book experience and project the campaign’s main message: how to steal some time from the weekdays’ rush to read a few pages. Bookline says, we only need a book and ten minutes on the morning subway, during lunch on a bench, at night in the bathtub or before we fall asleep after a busy day.
The headline reads: „Tell me a good book and I’ll tell you another!”. For those who feel like sharing their favorites there is nothing left to do but to visit the promotional site and let everyone know, why a certain book touched them.
The campaign runs from the 1st of November till mid of December.

Tools: citylights, posters at bus stations countrywide, print advertisements, online banners, Spotify and radio spots, advertisements on the undergrounds and trams, and on Bookline’s Youtube channel and websites.

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