Concept Event

A company’s, corporation’s or brand face on a conference, partner meeting, family day or a year closing party kept always coherent with the brand values.
In event planning, we always start to build a creative concept, that is going to show this brand image on a creative and entertaining way.
Basic things like fresh pastries and tasty cocktails are essential elements of an event, something that is evident and indispensable. However the concept’s originality, the added value is what generates positive experience and atmosphere thus increasing brand reputation. And this is our ultimate goal.

This is the Concept Event.We’ve got the answer to the most important question: how do we plan to take an event from good to amazing? A good event is pleasant and entertaining, but a great event is magical, unforgattable and fits the long-term brand strategy. This is the reason why we belive in Concept Events. Brand strategy and future goals help us to be consistent and creative. We find creative concept, that permeates the whole event and conveys the brand message. It develop the scenery, the menu, the hostesses’ dresses, music, gifts and activities. A concept event is memorable. Always.
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We make

team buildings
business dinner
press conferences
opening events
incentive parties
flash mobs
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