We know life between the lines: around, behind and right next to them – because we don’t work above the line, nor do we work below the line. Our profession is through the line, integrated communication.



What we believe

For example that we don’t „produce commercials” but we provide relevant answers to communicational challenges.
…that the simplest, most comprehensive version is always the best,
…that we together build exciting, desirable brands which bond consumers both in emotional and in rational ways,
We have clear aims. To be heard, understood and remembered.

If you are going to use the whole nine yards in your campaign, bringing in television, radio and print and taking the story through to in-store promotions, competitions and gifts, etc., you could possibly use storytelling to drive the campaign effectively across all media. The ultimate intent is to establish brand awareness, brand image and brand advocates. And the greatest of these is brand advocates – because with love, loyalty and word-of-mouth, will make sales figures soar on minimum expense. The ultimate win-win for marketers.



Our services

360°communication strategies
tv spots
radio spots
social media campaigns
outdoor promotions




If you have any question or just simply would like to have a short conversation with us over a cup of coffee, contact with our expert.

Baranyi Zsolt

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